• Fish soft plastic with Lucky Chum Scent Traps

  • Soak the Scent Traps in fish oils, blood, squid and shellfish guts or your favorite bottled scents.   

  • We recommend are super strength fish attractants:
Lucky Chum Gold Freshwater & Saltwater with real fish oil attractants.

  • Try  using our different sizes:
Fit to jig head diameters or use slightly larger Lucky Chum Scent Traps to decrease fall speed.  

  • Increase your casting range:
Fish with your soft plastics, with heavier jig heads.
While enhancing your chances with the slower fall speed & added flavor.
  • Scent Traps can be used to enhance live bait or cut bait:
When soaked in their juices, they create a chum trail and tend to  suspend the baits with irresistible action.
  • Fish your soft plastic swim baits on the slide for Tuna:
With addition of fresh blood from live bait or favorite bottled attractant.
Use 30 to 50% heavier jig with the addition of  the Lucky Chum Scent Traps.

  • Works well with tube baits & trolling lures as chum dispersing attraction.
Salt Water